An Introduction

Hello + Welcome!

Welcome to the She Made World! It is a work in progress with a lot of amazing things to come. The joy of creating and sharing what we've made is the heart and soul of the blog. See some of the things you will see here on the blog.
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Most of the creations and information shared will fall in one of our main categories.


Sharing design work from the She Made creative studio, as well as design inspiration from some favorite creators.


: Tutorials where we can get our hands dirty. Stepping away from the computer every once in a while is a breath of fresh air, so here we will share our projects, as well as joining forces with other creative minds to share their ideas as well.


Tips and Tricks of how we make our creations, and tutorials on how you can too! Showing behind the scenes shots of what goes into creating the work.


Working is more than the work itself. Beyond design and process there are other happenings behind the scenes. Here we will share the goings on int the office, be it mundane or shenanigans.


Sharing the stories and works of other creators is a labor of love. What way to create a stronger creative community that sharing these stories and building each other up.


Stepping out from behind the work and connecting on a personal  level, here is where snippets of the woman behind the studio, and the team which makes it happen.

We are so excited to share the work, the process, and build a community around the passion to make an create.

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